IT Security


Network Security

  • Layered security starting with the "perimeter" of your network and then protecting each level, requiring potential attackers to breach multiple obstacles
  • Managed, Unified Threat Management (UTM) firewall which will minimize the risk of attack, monitor and block Web content putting the business at cyber and legal risks, and allow for prioritization of high-value Internet traffic (VOIP)
  • Managed Anti spam/virus/malware screening and detection both at the perimeter and at each endpoint (computer)
  • Email security and encryption to protect your business' confidential messages
  • Proactive, managed security patching of all devices will prevent many vulnerabilities
  • We can work to maximize the protection from your existing security or recommend and turnkey implement best-of-breed solutions

Backups and Disaster Recovery

  • ANC will automate, monitor and test all backups
  • Onsite backup daily, to at least one device
  • Offsite backup daily over an encrypted Internet connection to a secure remote server

  • Disaster Recovery pre-plan how and when to use both Onsite and Offsite backup resources
  • Priority placed on quick access to critical data
  • Precautionary measures emphasized such as redundant server systems and deployment of UPS units to minimize power disruptions

  • As will all of our solutions, we will leverage existing systems and recommend turnkey best-of-breed solutions