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  IT Risk Management      


When protecting client networks, ANC subscribes to a layered defense model. Think of a castle with sentries posted on the wall, a moat and drawbridge, and you start to get the picture.  We address a variety of security measures including, but not limited to:

ANC partners with SonicWall, the leading provider of firewalls for small and medium-sized businesses, to protect our customers’ networks.  These firewalls, enabled with Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite provide an outstanding first-layer of defense for your network.

While ANC partners with both Computer Associates and Symantec even more important than the product used is its correct configuration. We can make sure your software of choice is properly setup and monitored, so you get the maximum value and protection.

Spyware/ malware are tiny programs that can track your Internet movements, log your keystrokes, and generally disrupt computer function. ANC has the experience necessary to quickly remove these programs while leaving legitimate software intact.

Internal Security
Have you ever been worried that an ex-employee has some of your valuable info? Are you certain that Fred in Sales can’t access your financial data? Unfortunately, many small businesses learn the hard way that their internal security is lacking. We leverage your current hardware and/or software to make sure that employees only see what they are authorized to see on your internal network and when they use the Internet.

Preventative Security
Patch management utilizing Microsoft Windows Software Update Services .


Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity

Machines with moving parts fail, and servers are no exception.  While the hardware is easily replaced/repaired, the data residing on the hardware isn’t.  Storms, fires, or theft can also cause a severe disruption in your business. That’s why the first step in any Business Continuity plan must include onsite data backup.  ANC recommends D2D or Disk-to-Disk as primary onsite backup.

Offsite - Ensure your mission-critical systems are fail-safe
ANC Offsite DataVault, powered by eFolder, is an automated data backup and restoration system providing powerful tools to protect your organization’s data.  Unlike traditional data protection tools, Offsite DataVault does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup.  Select the files to be backed up, set the schedule, and the data is sent over the Internet to a secure facility.  The system is a closed loop-it’s highly secure and only you have access to your information.

The easily integrated Exchange Email Archiving Service provides a regulatory-compliant email archiving solution.  Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at an eFolder secure data center.  Download your FREE TRIAL today!!